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Skydive Kent
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Air Affair


Tandem skydiving & parachuting in Kent

Small collection of tandem skydive photos taken in Kent.
Head Up before you go, just about to leave the plane, the camera flyer hangs onto the outside of the plane.
Tandem instructor Paul Stockwell with a lady passenger and AFF instructor Chris Lynch.
The Beaver plane leaves immediately after going into freefall - looks like a fly by but he's too far away.
Instructor Mike Milton with passenger Debbie Hole in a classic freefall position.
Mike deploying the main tandem canopy after the freefall, spot the teddy bear.
Amy Stringer with her instructor as they dump at sunset.
Excitement after landing, Annette Maynard looks like she's ready to party now!
Mike Milton exits the Turbolet airplane with his passenger Debbie Hole.
Tandem instructor Clem in freefall with Annette - we're having a ball!
Instructor Mike Milton and passenger Debbie Hole with the Turbolet aircraft in the background.
Instructor Clem skydiving with passenger Annette - looks like he's having a ball again!
Instructor Mike Milton, (Skippy) with passenger Debbie Hole.  I wonder what he said to her.
Jumping for charity means you get to jump for free as long as you raise enough money.
Skippy jumps from the Turbolet aircraft.  You can tell from the stripes the parachute they're wearing is a French Atom.
Mike jumping over Kent with tandem passenger Rachel Rodriguez.
Mark Maynard and passenger Fiona Hodge being joined in freefall.
Two of our 4 way fs team, S-Sense join up with Fiona and Mark doing a tandem parachute jump.
That's Mark Lawson's hand I forgot to airbrush it out of this one.  Mark Maynard with passenger Fiona Hodge.
Jump with your mate on the same lift - but you'll have your own tandem instructor.
Jumping for charity or doing a sponsored parachute jump.
This is a stuning photo taken just after exiting the Black Beaver aeroplane, Mike jumping an Atom.
Clem Quinn as usual landing the parachute in the centre of the soft pit at the drop zone.
Tandem master Mike in freefall with tandem passenger Rachel Rodriguez.
Hey are you ok?  Well how d'ya like that then eh?  The ever charming "Skippy" with Debbie Hole.
As the tandem instructor releases the drogue parachute, it activates the main canopy and starts deployment.
A sponsored parachute jump is one of the best ways to get to jump, the jump is free and you get to help your charity.
Flying the main parachute back, Squaddy's "Stiletto" canopy on the left is a third of the size of the "Hop" tandem.
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